Bedlington Terrier

Wait a that a dog or a lamb? Fear not, these graceful terriers in sheep's clothing are all dog. Bedlingtons are lithe, energetic Englishmen standing 15 to 16.5 inches. The distinctive coat, arched back, velvety tasseled ears, and fleecy, slender head are identifying features of this one-of-a-kind breed. As the curvy contours indicate, there’s sighthound—Whippet, most likely—in their family tree. Bedlingtons roused to pursuit can gallop like the wind.

The Bedlington Terrier takes its name from the mining shire of that name, in the County of Northumberland, England. Their dogs were famous for their abilities in drawing badgers and ratting, despite their smaller size than most of the dogs of the day.

Breed Profile

While easy to house train, their hunting instincts make them excel at all sorts of dog sports and the required exercise to keep them fit and active. The Bedlington has a mild and gentle temperament and is neither fussy nor mischievous. The breed is an energetic playmate for children but not overly rambunctious. Regular playtime and walks will keep the Bedlington fit and in high spirits.