Clumber Spaniel

Clumber Spaniels are large dogs, but not by height—at 17 to 20 inches Clumbers stand as high as many “medium” dogs. Rather, Clumbers are large by weight: A small female might be 55 pounds, and a big male could go 85 pounds. Clumbers are powerful bird dogs of heavy bone, built long and low, with a massive head. They’re primarily white, with sparse lemon or orange markings. Built to plow through thick cover in the field, Clumber movement is nonetheless free and easy.

The Clumber is of such unique type in comparison to the other spaniels that his origin is particularly shrouded in doubt, however, there is much evidence to suggest that the breed may count Basset Hounds, early Alpine Spaniels, and various other breeds among its ancestors.

Breed Profile

Playful and loving, the Clumber Spaniel fits in well with families and other animals and enjoys lots of activities such as tracking, agility and obedience. They enjoy daily walks, but they are not for those who want to run long distances or an active jogging partner. An intelligent and independent thinker, the Clumber responds best to positive training. Harsh training methods are ineffective with this sensitive breed.