Irish Red and White Setter

Sportsmen thrill at the sight of a noble Irish Red and White Setter frozen on point, motionless as a statue. These medium-to-large bird dogs are powerful, solid, and sinewy, with enough stamina and bird sense to get the job done any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The stunning coat—vivid red “islands” floating on a sea of pearl white—has a practical function: It enables hunters to spot their dog at a distance. The handsome face projects a keen but kindly expression.

Breed Profile

If not for the efforts of a handful of avid sport hunters in the mid–20th century, this rugged gundog might’ve gone extinct. Though still relatively rare, Red and Whites made a comeback, to the delight of sporting-dog aficionados on both sides of the Atlantic. Blessed with a charming personality and a dash of Irish humor, Red and Whites make excellent companions for active, sporty families willing to devote lots of time and patience to this spirited but sensitive hunter’s companion.