Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a small, hardy breed with a beautiful cloak of hair that parts down their back from head to tail.  Their temperament is unique: joyful and mischievous, dignified and aloof.  An independent breed, the Lhasa’s goal in life is not necessarily to please their master.  Popular in the show ring, the breed also excels in activities that provide constant challenges, such as agility.  This breed comes in a variety of colors ranging from light blonde to black.  Black tipping on ears and the face are also very common.

Breed Profile

Bred as indoor watchdogs for hundreds of years, Lhasa’s can be suspicious of strangers, so early socialization is critical.  They thrive living with adults or families with older children and enjoy regular walks.  A long-coated breed, they also require frequent grooming.  Many pet owners enjoy keeping their Lhasa in a shorter “puppy” or modern trim.