Norwich Terrier

Spirited and stocky with prick ears and a slightly foxy expression, the Norwich Terrier is one of the smallest working terriers. Despite his small size, the Norwich has good substance and is an eager worker. The breed's wiry, weather resistant coat can be red, wheaten, black and tan or grizzle.

The roots of the Norwich were firmly planted in East Anglia, England. By the 1880's owning a small ratting terrier was a fad among the sporting undergraduates of Cambridge University. A popular strain developed of very small red and black-and-tan working crossbreeds from native, Yorkshire, and Irish den stock.

Breed Profile

The old cliché about a “big dog in a small package” was coined for breeds like the Norwich terrier. Norwich can be oblivious to the fact that they’re just ten inches tall. They are a medium energy breed that is a hunter and is curious about the world around them. A Norwich demands human companionship. They are easy to train, as most Norwich will offer any desired behavior for a food treat. Norwich are portable and are adaptable to different situations making the breed ideal for either the city or country lifestyle.