Scottish Deerhound

Stand back: You need a little distance to fully appreciate the majesty of this ancient beast. In silhouette we see a noble coursing hound struck from the classic Greyhound template. Deerhounds are, though, much larger and more substantial than Greyhounds—a good-size male can stand 32 inches at the shoulder and weigh 110 pounds. The crisp coat is seen in several colors; breed aficionados prefer the dark blue-gray coat. The tapered head and long neck add extra lift to an already stately hound.

The origin of the breed is of such antiquity, and the earliest descriptive names so mixed that it is unclear as to whether the Deerhound was at one time identical with the ancient Irish Wolfdog. So highly esteemed was the Deerhound that the desire for exclusive ownership has at times endangered the continuance of the breed.

Breed Profile

Deerhounds are laid-back, home-loving companions. Their gentle manners make them indifferent watchdogs but trustworthy childhood friends. No dog enjoys stretching out on the hearth rug for a snooze more than a Deerhound. But these are giant galloping hounds, immensely strong and fast, who require a secure area to stretch their long legs and indulge their instinct for pursuit. Their wistful sweetness and startling beauty are unique—but think seriously before getting a pet who might require his own sofa.