Spinone Italiano

The Spinone Italiano (plural: Spinoni Italiani) is a squarely and solidly built all-around hunter. Spinoni are muscular and powerful, built more for endurance than speed. The dense coat has an unclippered look and comes in various colors and patterns. The face conveys the breed’s abundant Old-World charm. Those soft, sweetly expressive eyes set off by shaggy eyebrows and a tufted beard have won many a heart in Italy—and they’re making new conquests here in America every day.

The Spinone Italiano, or Italian Pointer, is Italy's all-purpose hunting dog. Almost every country in Europe has had its own type of Pointer for at least three centuries, and each developed the dog in its own locality according to climate, need, and changing times.

Breed Profile

There’s something instantly endearing about these big, idiosyncratic Italians. Calm and a bit goofy around the house, Spinoni have unique habits like trailing water from their beard after a drink, sitting with their butt on the sofa and their front legs on the floor, and sassing their owner with woofs and sighs when they don’t get their way. These are very clever dogs, and sometimes stubborn, but great with kids and other animals. Their soulful expression and gentle manner make them ideal therapy dogs.