Standard Schnauzer

Sociable and affectionate, Standard Schnauzers become true members of their families and especially love children. Of the three Schnauzers breeds, the medium, or Standard, is the prototype. At 17 to 20 inches tall and weighing between 35 and 50 pounds, it is truly the “standard” Schnauzer: larger than the Miniature and smaller than the Giant. Schnauzers of all three sizes share several breed hallmarks: a wiry, tight-fitting coat of pure black or “pepper and salt”; a robust, square-built frame; and an elongated head furnished with arched eyebrows and bristly whiskers, accentuating dark brown eyes that gleam with a keen intelligence. Their sporty look is a canine classic.

Breed Profile

Normally protective, they will also alert members of the household to any potential danger. The breed is very intelligent but can be strong-willed and determined, so it's beneficial to start training early with puppy kindergarten classes and follow later with regular obedience classes. Owners should provide daily opportunities for both mental and physical exercise. The Standard Schnauzer is an energetic breed and benefits from regular walks and active play, as well as participation in a range of canine activities such as Agility, Herding, Lure-Coursing and Barn Hunt.