Tibetan Spaniel

With a blunt muzzle and big expressive eyes, a “lion’s mane” around the neck, and a plumed tail elegantly curving over the back, they’re distinctly Tibetan. But are they spaniels? No, not in the Western sense, like Cockers or Cavaliers. Instead, Tibetan Spaniels recall the ancient traditions that produced Pekes, Pugs, Lhasas, and other unmistakably Asian breeds. Tibetan Spaniels stand about 10 inches at the shoulder; they move quickly and with purpose. They’re seen in coats of many colors and combinations.

Breed Profile

Though independent in spirit, Tibetan Spaniels are clean and easily trained. If correctly and gently disciplined, they will readily obey a loved and trusted owner. A very intelligent breed, the Tibetan Spaniel thrives on human companionship and needs to be with people. Although outgoing and friendly, the breed may be aloof with strangers. Tibbies need only moderate exercise, so they are excellent in apartments, on the farm or in the suburbs.